ANNEXURE A: Phase 1 Research Proceedings

GL 21

Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership

These proceedings are a record of research undertaken by the World Academy of Art & Science and partner organizations during Phase I of the joint project on Global Leadership for the 21st Century initiated by WAAS and the United Nations Office at Geneva in November 2019. This discovery phase studies the sources and remedies for the unprecedented range and intensity of global challenges confronting humanity today related to peace, security, governance, economy, employment, ecology, education, food-security, health, wellbeing, science, technology, press and media, culture and the arts.

It examines the limitations in the present multilateral system that retard and obstruct efforts to address global issues effectively, resulting in a global leadership gap at precisely the moment when bold, visionary leadership and innovative initiatives are urgently needed to preserve the gains of the past and address the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, rising levels of unemployment and inequality, the retreat from democracy and multilateral cooperation, and the existential threat of climate change.

The consensus view that has emerged from this research phase is that although the problems are extremely serious, humanity today possesses all the essential resources and capabilities to address them effectively. But these problems

cannot be solved by continued reliance on prevailing ideas, theories, policies and institutional functioning.

Transformative changes are needed at all levels from research and education to policy-making and implementation. Deep change takes time. Therefore the research examined catalytic changes that can be implemented under present conditions in order to break the inertia and resistance and set in motion a process of rapid conscious evolution of global institutions and society.

These proceedings include summaries and video recordings of the 35 sessions of the five-day e-conference conducted by UNOG and WAAS on June 15-19, 2020 as well as shorter webinars and e-conferences conducted in collaboration with Nizami Ganjanvi International Center, Azerbaijan, during August-September 2020, the launch event for the Globalistics 2020 Conference organized by Moscow State University in May 2020 and several other events. These events constitute the exploratory discovery phase of GL-21 in which a number of critical areas were examined through published papers and dialogue among more than 200 experts from around the world. The proceedings also include a special report that provides updated information about reports on COVID-19 and its impact on human security and sustainability.

GL-21 June e-Conference Partner Organizations

Regenerative growth is based on the premise of wholeness, of harmony, of the cycle of life. We should be refocusing on the kind of principles that we see in the U.N. Charter.

– Jonathan Granoff
President, Global Security Institute; WAAS Fellow

All challenges are potentials. Organisations must turn challenges into opportunities. We have the resources to address all issues.

– Tibor Tóth
Ambassador, Executive Secretary Emeritus, The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO); WAAS Trustee

Things have not changed because some people benefit from the systems that are currently in place. We need to be frank and honest about what we are confronted with. We need to have conversations about equipping not only young people but also those who work with young people, to build resilience, understanding and a perspective of the road ahead. We must trust our youth, mentor them and partner with them.

– Luvuyo Madasa
Social Entrepreneur; Executive Director ReimagineSA, South Africa