The Intellectual Agenda of the United Nations: Improving a Key Strength of the UN

The UN Intellectual History Project (UNIHP) has demonstrated in its many unprecedented studies that the United Nations has had tremendous influence on the policy and action agenda of the peoples and nations of the world, through its work on policy and through propagating key concepts. The Project also demonstrates that the vitality of the policy function of the UN has diminished over the years. The World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) believes the work of the UNIHP demonstrates that policy work by the UN has enormous potential to bolster the leadership role of the UN. But it has to be said that the policy function of the UN has escaped systematic study in all the many laudable reform initiatives underway by the UN.

The Academy and UNIHP have collaborated on a study to do three things: to identify why the policy function is so important; to assemble recommendations on improving the policy function based upon experience in administering policy work in institutions around the world; and to suggest areas of policy work which might help constitute an invigorated policy research agenda for the United Nations.

Summary of the Academy’s work on these issues and the contributions of Academy Fellows from throughout the world is attached below. You can download to save your copy.
- Robert J. Berg and Louis Emmerij

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