Global Leadership in the 21st Century

WAAS, in partnership with the United Nations at Geneva, is conducting a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral project highlighting innovative strategies and effective principles to accelerate the emergence of dynamic leadership for successful implementation of the SDGs. The project involves consultations with IGOs, nation states, business, scientific research and educational institutions, NGOs, media and youth organizations. It will culminate in a major two-day conference at UNOG in October 2020, followed by a report to the UN, educational and other outreach strategies. GOTO PROJECT PAGE.

UNOG-WAAS e-Conference on "Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership"

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) and the World Academy of Art and Science conducted an e-conference on Global Leadership in the 21st Century from June 15-19, 2020. The event examined catalytic transformative strategies to address pressing global challenges related to Peace and Human Security, Governance & Human Rights, Economy and Employment, Business and Finance, Energy & Climate, Health and Wellbeing, Education, Science & Technology. This event was a preparatory to the major international conference at UNOG Geneva in October 2020. GOTO E-CONFERENCE PAGE.


GL21 meeting in December, 2020 (provisional TBC)
Dec 15 2020 to Dec 16 2020


Art Impact 4 Health and SDGs
Oct 20 2020 to Oct 30 2020
Art Impact 4 Health and SDGs by by World Health Organization from 20 to 30 October 2020
Big Bang Data 2020
Sep 1 2020
Big Bang Data 2020 Sept 1, 2020   Centrale Idrodinamica (porto Vecchio) 50 seats plus 200 internet...
Strategies for Global Food Security
Aug 26 2020
Global Employment Challenge
Aug 24 2020
Web-Conference on Relevance of Russell-Einstein Manifesto
Jul 13 2020
A joint initiative of  World Academy of Art and Science & Nizami Ganjavi International Center...
Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership
Jun 15 2020 to Jun 19 2020
Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership e-Conference -- June 15-19, 2020 An Invitation to...
Global Issues and Future of Mankind
May 20 2020
GLOBALISTICS 2020: GLOBAL ISSUES & FUTURE OF HUMANKIND with a special online session Organized...
WAAS–GlobalMindED 2020 for Earth Day
Apr 20 2020 to Apr 24 2020
The GlobalMindED 2020 Webinar Series will be featured on the Zoom platform Monday through Friday on...
Consciousness, the Corporate World and Conflict: Towards a Deeper Understanding and Finding Solutions
Apr 7 2020 to Apr 8 2020
CICA conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for world-class scientists, diplomats,...
E- roundtable on Catalyzing Rapid Social Transformation
Mar 9 2020
In collaboration with the Club of Rome, WAAS organized  an E- roundtable on Catalyzing Rapid Social...

Future Capital Initiative

Inauguration at UN Headquarters in NY on September 12-13, 2019  convened by the UN Office of Partnerships, UNCTAD, and WAAS. The world possesses all the financial resources needed to meet humanity's material needs and foster wellbeing. But the global monetary and financial system is underperforming and misperforming its intended role. A new financial paradigm is needed based on a fundamental change in consciousness and values. FC has established working groups to develop transformative strategies & projects. Read More

Security & Sustainability Guide

A 250-page “Interim Draft” PDF of The S&S Guide, a project of the World Academy of Art & Science, will be available for limited distribution free of charge to WAAS Fellows in June 2016. It reflects the critical fact that sustainability and security are both essential and can only be achieved in concert.


The journal for new perspectives that integrates knowledge from all fields of inquiry to address real-life issues & enhance our collective response to the issues facing the world today.


The vision of Eruditio complements and enhances the Academy's focus on global perspectives in the generation of knowledge from all fields of legitimate inquiry.

World University Consortium

The mission of World University Consortium is to evolve and promote development of higher education worldwide based on a human-centered approach within a trans-disciplinary conceptual framework.