Post-Graduate Certificate Course in Mind, Thinking & Creativity

Post-Graduate Certificate Course at Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Mind, Thinking & Creativity

November 6-9, 2017

Mind is humanity's highest developed instrument for seeking knowledge. It is the master tool that we use to comprehend the present, remember the past, and anticipate and plan for the future. From the act of striking two flints together to create fire to combining the 1 and 0 to design supercomputers, we have created remarkable machines and organized effective institutions. The single fundamental factor on which our social evolution is based is the human mind. In order to understand this vital instrument better, the World Academy of Art & Science has launched a ground breaking project on the theme of Mind.

An understanding of the nature of mind, its ways of knowing, the limits to rationality, mind's untapped potential, the workings of creativity and genius are a prerequisite if we are to rightly understand and address the challenges we face today, convert them into opportunities and usher in a new paradigm of human development.  As a first step in the project, WAAS, along with partnering organizations IACP, IUC, DHUC, MSS and WUC organized a four day conference on Mind, Thinking and Creativity in April 2016 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The conference was attended by renowned experts in the subjects of human psychology, neuroscience, sociology and philosophy among others, and the conference papers presented and the recordings of the discussions are available on the WAAS website.

As a next step, a core group of interested Fellows have worked together and compiled an extensive outline that explores all the aspects of mind. This outline begins with the evolution of mind in humans, and traces the various stages in the development of thought alongside the evolution of human civilization and society. Some of the topics covered by the outline are: consciousness, types of thinking, symbolism, reason, logic, analysis, conceptual systems, subjectivity and objectivity, complexity, systems thinking, creativity, intuition, genius and integral thinking. The outline concludes with the intriguing theme of the future evolution of mind. It explores the idea of higher levels of knowing that transcend the limitations of the thinking mind and the possibilities that our evolving knowledge, individuality and civilization open up.

This comprehensive outline will be the framework around which a Roundtable is proposed in November 2017 in Dubrovnik. This event will set the stage for developing an innovative online course on Mind. We welcome all WAAS Fellows to actively participate in this project. Ideas, proposals and collaborations from individuals and organizations are invited for the development of the course. We seek support in designing the syllabus, reaching out to students and educational institutions, acquiring university accreditation, and technical, academic and institutional assistance from all interested members.

The proposed online course is an endeavour to rediscover the marvellous capacities of mind as humanity has originally discovered, developed and applied them. It is intended to enhance the student’s capacity for rational, relevant, effective, independent and creative thinking, problem-solving, decision making and accomplishment. It seeks to impart both conceptual understanding and practical ability. It offers both theoretical knowledge as well as a variety of practical methods to expand our mental horizons and creativity.

The discussions on Mind and the resultant course aim to broaden the range and enhance the quality of our thinking by making conscious the implicit assumptions and barriers that confine it within narrow boundaries and the characteristic types of errors and omissions they give rise to. The source material for the course includes all humanity’s past learnings as well as all its past errors and misconceptions. Study material will draw on inspiring vignettes from history, biography, art, literature, science, business, politics and contemporary life. The ultimate objective of the course is to kindle human creativity through a process of co-creation in which students will generate fresh content for their own learning that will also enhance the overall range and depth of content available to others.

This course is a journey of self-discovery filled with mystery, wonder and humour. The course and its parent project are relevant to all those interested in increasing their capacity for problem solving and creativity, independent and original thinking in any field, including teachers who want to become more effective in developing the thinking capacities of students at all levels; students who want to learn how to think creatively; leaders and managers and all others who need to give and receive instructions and work with others; psychologists and neuroscientists seeking a conceptual framework within which human and artificial intelligence can be studied and evaluated; writers and other communicators seeking greater originality, clarity and effectiveness of conception and expression.

In keeping with its motto of leadership in thought that leads to action, WAAS has launched this vital and exciting project, and invites all Fellows to participate in this adventure of consciousness.