Workshops & Symposia

Climate Change -- San Francisco Jul 09

Organizer: Bob Berg & Walter Anderson

Participants: Jeffrey H. Schwartz, José Ireneu dos Remedios Furtado, John Cox, Daniel Coates, Geoffrey Hamer, Garry Jacobs, Ivo Slaus, Guy Stevens, Alberto Zucconi, Raoul Weiler. 

Towards a Nuclear Weapons Free World -- New Delhi Jun 08

Organizer: Jasjit Singh

Host: Centre for Strategic & International Studies (India)

Participants:  Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, India's Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee; the Vice President of India, Mohamad Hamid Ansari; Minister Mani Shankar Iyer; Canadian Senator Douglas Roche; Australian Ambassador Richard Butler; senior Indian diplomats and military officers; as well as Fellows Jonathan Granoff , Garry Jacobs and Ivo Slaus.

Global Warming -- Pittsburgh Feb 08

Organizer: Jeffrey Schwartz

Participants: José Ireneu dos Remedios Furtado, John Cox, Walter Truett Anderson, Pushpa Mittra Bhargava, Daniel Coates, Geoffrey Hamer, Garry Jacobs, Alberto Zucconi, Tariq Banuri, Joseph Alter, Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis, Bruno Maresca, Ismail Serageldin, Colin MacCabe and Juliana Spahr.

Weaponization of Space -- New York Feb 08

Organizer: Jonathan Granoff -- Global Security Institute (USA)

Participants: Jonathan Granoff, Walter Anderson, Garry Jacobs, Ivo Slaus, Ashok Natarajan

Nuclear Disarmament -- New York Oct 12-13, 2006

Organizers: Jonathan Granoff & Garry Jacobs -- Global Security Institute (USA) & Mother's Service Society (India)

Speakers: Jonathan Granoff, Douglas Roche, Harlan Cleveland, Lincoln Bloomfield, Walter Anderson,  John Cox, Garry Jacobs, Bob Berg,  Robert van Harten, Ashok Natarajan,

the Society was co-sponsored a workshop on Nuclear Disarmament in New York together with The World Academy of Art & Science and the Global Security Institute. Participants included three representatives of the Society and leading international experts on nuclear weapons and disarmament issues.

World Futures Society -- Toronto July 30, 2006

Organizer: Walter Anderson

Participants: Jasjit Singh, Garry Jacobs, Walter Anderson

Presentation on strategies for nuclear disarmament subsequently published by Futures May 2007 see

Peace & Security -- Washington Sept 17, 2005

Organizers: Harlan Cleveland & Garry Jacobs -- International Center for Peace & Development (USA) & The Mother's Service Society (India)

Participants: Robert McNamara, Harlan Cleveland, Jasjit Singh, Walter Anderson, Bob Berg, Garry Jacobs, Jon Peterson, Robert van Harten, Ashok Natarajan

Uncommon Opportunities: Roadmap for Employment, Food & Global Security 

Organizers: M. S. Swaminathan & Garry Jacobs -- UN World Food Program, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Mother's Service Society &  National Farmers Commission (India), International Centre for Peace & Development (USA).

WAAS Fellow Participants: Harlan Cleveland, M. S. Swaminathan, Pushpa Bhargava, Jasjit Singh, Walter Anderson, Garry Jacobs, Ivo Slaus,  Robert van Harten, Ashok Natarajan

An international symposium was conducted in New Delhi on November 19-22, 2004 to examine the relevance in today's world of recommendations contained in the report of the International Commission on Peace & Food, Uncommon Opportunities: Agenda for Peace & Equitable Development, which was submitted to the UN in 1994. The conference was inaugurated by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Natwar Singh, Minister of External Affairs. The meeting was co-sponsored by WAAS in collaboration with The Mother's Service Society, International Centre for Peace & Development (USA), M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (India), National Farmers Commission (Government of India), and UN World Food Program. The conference explored the inextricable mutual interdependence between peace, social stability, democracy, employment and food security.

Security in Knowledge-based Society

NATO Advanced Research Workshop: Zagreb, Croatia, November 2005 Co-directors: Harlan Cleveland, former US Ambassador to NATO; Lincoln Bloomfield, former Director of Global Issues, US National Security Council; Ivo Slaus, Director, South Eastern Europe Division, WAAS; Milan Stanicic, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb. This meeting began immediately prior to the opening of the 2005 General Assembly, and then ran concurrently with it. Please see summary report

Power and Property in the Information Society

Computer conference: April 2004 Organizer: Richard Farson, International Leadership Forum. Participants included Douglass Carmichael, Arthur Cordell, Andrew Peter Fenton, Frederick Turner, Donald Straus.

The Future of Higher Education in the Global Information Society

San Diego, California, March 2004 Organizer: Maureen O’Hara, Meridian International Institute. This was the first of the preparatory conferences leading up to the 2005 General Assembly on “The Future of Knowledge.” Participants included Katherine Clarke, Napier Collyns, June Delano, Bob Horn, Ruben Nelson, Elsa Porter, Paul Silverman, Ralph Wolff.

Microbial Biotechnology: For Better or for Worse?

Biopolicy Seminar: Stockholm, September 2003 Organized by Carl-Göran Hedén and the World Academy’s Biofocus Foundation under the auspices of the Biotechnology Division of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Featured speaker: Edgar daSilva. Participants included Harlan Cleveland, Lena Torell, Anders Wijkman.

Timing and Perseverance: Entrepreneurship for Eco-Efficiency

Biopolicy Seminar: Stockholm, October 2002 Organized by Carl-Göran Hedén and the World Academy’s Biofocus Foundation under the auspices of the Engineering Division of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Featured Speaker: Rita Colwell. Participants included Geoffrey Hamer, Gunter Pauli, Christer Salén, Anders Wijkman.

The Future of Knowledge in the World of the Internet

Pari, Italy, May 2002 Organized by David Peat, Pari Center for New Learning, sponsored and co-hosted by The Knowledge Forum, with the participation of Associazione Sette Colli, Pari. Participants: David Alsmeyer, Walt Anderson, Lina Bussian, Virginia Del Re, Andrew Fenton, Warwick Fox, Divina Frau-Meigs, Jean-Claude Guedon, Katherine Heath, Basil Hiley, Roy McWeeny, Christine Maxwell, Neil Maroni, Salvatore Santoli, Shalini Venturelli, Kim Williams.

The Future of the Academy

Pari, Italy, September 2000 Organized by David Peat, Pari Center for New Learning. Sponsored by the World Academy and the Gulbenkian Foundation in partnership with the University of Siena and the Associazione Sette Coli of Pari. Participants: Dennise Albrecht, William Bricken, João Caraça, John P. Coleman, Arthur Cordell, Ruth Dempsey, Chris Drane, Maurizio Franzini, Francesca Farabollini, Basil Hiley, Deborah Klimburg-Slater, Rita Lauria, Elena Liotta, Roger Malina, Roy McWeeny, Virginia McWeeny, Jayne Persch, Chris Philippidis, Paavo Pylkkanen, Elina Pylkkanen.

The Psychology of Globalization

San Francisco, California, February 2000 Organizer: Walt Anderson. Keynote speaker: John Gardner. Participants included Mary Catherine Bateson, Harlan Cleveland, Sandy Close, Leonard Duhl, Percy Hintzen, Mohamed Kassas, Roberto Lovato, Donald Michael, Maureen O’Hara, Nancy Palmer, Richard Palmer, Ana Maria Sandi, Stephen Toulmin, Ling-Chi Wang.

International Symposium on Development Theory

Chennai (Madras), India, September 1999 Hosted by the International Center for Peace and Development (USA), the Mother's Service Society and the M. S. Swaminathan Foundation. Co-chairs: M. S. Swaminathan, Harlan Cleveland. Participants included Robert Berg, Pushpa Bhargava, John P. Craven, Jose Ireneu dos Remedios Furtado, Robert van Harten, Garry Jacobs, Bernard Lietaer, B. S. Raghavan, Ana Maria Sandi, Ivo Slaus, C. Subramanian.

Governance and Civilizations

Brussels, Belgium, May 1998 Organized by Marc Luyckx, Forward Studies Unit, European Commission, and Harlan Cleveland, World Academy. Participants included Lincoln Bloomfield, Robert Cooper, Arthur Cordell, Jim Dator, Susantha Goonatilake, Rabbi Albert Guigui, Sohail Inayatullah, Tae-Chang Kim, Ziauddin Sardar, Bishop William Swing, Patrick Viveret.

From Biological Identity to Social Behavior (two-part symposium)

Curia, Portugal & Lisbon, Portugal, September 1997 Organizers: Horacio Menano, Joao Caraca, thbr Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Speakers included Alexandre Castro Caldas, Jean-Pierre Changeaux, Nicole LeDouarin, Tod Machover, John Maynard Smith, Matthew Wilson, Lewis Wolpert.

Between Cultural Chaos and Uniformity: Perspectives for Integration of Civil Societies

Jachranka, Poland May 1997 Organizer: Andrzej Sicinski, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Co-sponsored by the Stefan Batory Foundation (Warsaw) and the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam). Participants included Lincoln Bloomfield, Harlan Cleveland, Magda McHale, Alina Mungiu, Jirí Musil.

Religion and Governance

San Francisco, California, February 1997 Organizer: Harlan Cleveland. Participants included Knute Buttedahl, Paz Buttedahl, Andrew Lam, Durwood Foster, Robert Ross, Huston Smith.

The Future of Work

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 1996 Organizer: Harlan Cleveland. Participants included A. T. Ariyaratne, Sujit Chowdhury, Arthur Cordell, Garry Jacobs, Bruce LaRue, Patrick Mendis, Rem Petrov, John Rollwagen, Keith Vargo.

Biological Globalization

Lisbon, Portugal, November 1995 Organizers: Walt Anderson, World Academy, and Horacio Menano, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Participants included Jeffrey McNeely, Harold Mooney, Alexandre Quintanilha, Paul Silverman, Phyllis Windle.

Who Is Designing the 21st Century?

Buffalo, New York, September 1995 Organizer: Magda McHale, Center for Integrative Studies, SUNY Buffalo. Participants included John Bis, Sam Cole, Kate Foster, Bruno Freschi, Hirotoshi Komoda, Himmi Jammal, Anthony Judge, Horacio Menano, Andrezej Sicinski, Ernest Sternberg.

Mapping the “Third Vision”

(Third Meridian Conference on Global Governance) Bolinas, California, March 1995 Organizer: Walt Anderson, Meridian International Institute. Participants: John H. Barton, Paz Buttedahl, Michael Clague, Mary Catherine Bateson, Harlan Cleveland, John Fobes, Robert Horn, Michael Lerner, Donald Michael, Steven Rosell, Steven T. Walther. (Supported by a grant from the Jenifer Altman Foundation.)

Cultural Identity and the Requirements of Civilization

Mangalia, Romania, June 1994 Organizer: Mircea Malitza, Black Sea University. Participants included Harlan Cleveland, Bob Horn, Jonko Jotov, Magda Cordell McHale, Yuri Poluneev, Andrzej Sicinski, Ivo Slaus, Julia Zahoruiko.

Global Governance in a Turbulent World

(Second Meridian Conference on Global Governance) Bolinas, California, February 1994 Organizer: Walt Anderson, Meridian International Institute. Participants: Janice Brodman, Paz Buttedahl, Joao Caraca, Michael Clough, Harlan Cleveland, Jim Dator, Yehezkel Dror, John Fobes, John Gardner, Bob Horn, Pierre-Marc Johnson, Michael Lerner, James MacNeill, Donald Michael, Henry Miller, Motumbo Mpanya, Maureen O’Hara, Steven Rosell, James Rosenau, Edgar H. Schein, Paul Silverman, Paul von Ward. (Supported by a grant from the Jenifer Altman Foundation. For full conference report see Meridian website.

The Global Surprise: Reframing Governance and Citizenship

(First Meridian Conference on Global Governance) Bolinas, California, April – May 1993 Organizer: Walt Anderson, Meridian International Institute. Participants included Michael Clague, Harlan Cleveland, John Fobes, Bob Horn, Michael Lerner, Donald Michael, Mutombo Mpanya, Michael Real, Steven Rosell, James Rosenau, Franz Schurmann. Support provided by grants from the Jenifer Altman Foundation and the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation.

Art and Science

Vinci, Italy, December 1992 Organized by Eleonora Masini Barbieri under the auspices of the Italian Ministry for Culture, with the support of the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, ENEA, ALITALIA, UNESCO and the Commission of the European Communities, in cooperation with the Municipality of Vinci. Participants: Walt Anderson, Umberto Baldini, Omar Calabrese, Giorgio Careri, Harlan Cleveland, Gianluigi Colalucci, Umberto Colombo, Paola Coppola Pignatelli, Maurizio Diana, Gillo Dorfles, Michele Emmer, Gideon Engler, Richard Gregory, Vladimir Kouzminov, Ervin Laszlo, Irving Lavin, Marilyn Aronberg Lavin, Carlo Lizzani, Mochtar Lubis, Manfredo Macioti, Luigi Massoni, Magda McHale, Horacio Menano, Kinhide Mushakoji, Ilya Prigogine, John H. Proctor, Lilian Schwartz, Pierre Spitz, Tatyana Tchuvilyova, Giorgio Torraca.