Podgorica, May 16-18, 2019

The unprecedented speed and rate of change of globalization, technological development and dissemination and social evolution are raising fundamental questions and generating new types of challenges and complexities that express in terms of climate change, financial crises, skills gap, widening inequalities, immigration, increasing insecurity, and other fundamental doubts about the future. This conference will explore both the challenges and human responses to them and what needs to be done to moderate the consequences of rapid technological change, mitigate its disruptive impacts and maximize its positive potential derived from the increasing scientific, technological and organizational knowledge and capabilities we possess in the 21st century.

All these changes necessitate a rapid evolution of knowledge in the world along multiple dimensions: knowledge of the global impacts and effective means for global coordination; knowledge of the interconnectivity between different sectors of society and development of integrated concepts expressing their interrelationship; knowledge of the social process by which we translate ideas into effective action in society. Thus, this conference seeks to develop the comprehensive and inclusive knowledge required to transform rapid change into progressive global social evolution.  

The conference will explore the topics below:

  • Government accountability and transparency/corruption
  • Limits to development
  • Possible conflicts (geopolitical, religious, economic...)
  • Technology and society
  • Energy and society
  • Population and Urbanization
  • Economy and progress, lack of economic opportunity and unemployment
  • Evolution of social media
  • Restrictions of AI
  • Safety / security / well-being, international Terrorism and Migration
  • Climate change, poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water

Abstracts should be submitted by 31st December 2018. For more information, contact